Board Code of Ethics and Conduct

The directors attach great importance to the need to conduct the business and operations of the company with integrity and in accordance with good corporate governance practices. The company adopts the best principles of good corporate culture that requires the directors and all employees to maintain the highest personal and ethical standards and to act in good faith and in the interest of the company. The company has developed and implemented a code of conduct that sets out guidelines and rules, which are based on good governance principles of:
— Full compliance with the law
— Application of best accounting practices
— Safety of all stakeholders
— Product quality and customer focus
— Care of our environment
— Application of best business practices
— Fair competition

Whistle blowing policy
Express Kenya PLC has set high standards for its operations to ensure integrity and quality delivery. Employees are often the first to realize that there may be something seriously wrong within the organization. However, they may not express their concerns because they feel that speaking up would be disloyal to their colleagues or to the company. They may also fear harassment or victimization.
The company has developed a whistle blowing policy to encourage and provides channels for employees to report exceptional incidences without fear of victimization, discrimination or disadvantage.
Reportable misconducts and potential irregularities under the policy include all forms of financial malpractices, noncompliance with regulations, criminal activities, improper conduct or unethical behaviors, corporate governance breaches, non-disclosure of interests, sexual and physical abuse of staff and other stakeholders among other vices.
The policy provides clear reporting mechanism through telephone and dedicated email address with assurance of anonymity for whistle-blowers. The staff has also been sensitized through training on reportable incidences, how to make the report and assurance of confidentiality to providers
of information.
The board has also maintained an open-door policy allowing of easy escalation of issues. Staff members are regularly sensitized on the need to report any suspected unethical business practices.